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Booking a railway ticket - no longer a problem!

Imagine for a moment that you urgently needed to go somewhere. And not just go, but take a trip on the train - a fast, reliable and comfortable. But what if don’t you want to go to the station, but time is running out? There is an exit! Nowadays, a good helper in the purchase of tickets for transport is This is not just the service for receiving online orders, but also a magic wand with which all your actions will be automated.

So, in order to understand what is happening, you first need to decide what is a train ticket. Today there are several types of it:

  • The Paper, which you can buy at the relevant box office station;
  • Internet ticket. It is usually bought through the registration of the application on the site;
  • E-ticket. It is considered the most convenient and fastest way to buy boarding passes. It allows you to not only a few clicks to book a ticket, but also to make it similar to the paper.

We offer you the easiest way of these - the electronic ticket. He is considered a full-fledged travel document that is ready for presentation conductor. All that you will need to confirm the authenticity of the ticket - it is the presence on the QR-code, which is "considered" when boarding the train. You are not familiar with the new-fangled Internet services? Nothing wrong! We will help you to understand to all, even a child.

The only thing you have to determine in advance - this is what amount you want. After all, there are several kinds of places in the train car: reserved seats, Сompartment of railway carriage and СВ-Pullman car. The first is a place in the overall car, the second - in a separate compartment, which seats four. Well, the last belongs to a class "Lux" and looks like a small twin room with comfortable beds. Naturally, the price of tickets will be different for each type of seats, depending on what conditions you need directions.

Online booking - fast and easy!

The value of each ticket, regardless of where a class includes such components:

  • The cost of reserved seat. It includes the cost of travel in the carriage of a particular class;
  • The price of travel. Here are the costs of transport operation, electricity and railway infrastructure;
  • Insurance fee;
  • The Commission;
  • VAT.

Well, we understand what is the conditions of travel and the cost of tickets. What do we do next? It's simple. We offer you a step by step guide to buying a ticket online in

  • Fill in the appropriate field the expected date of travel and the direction, and the program generate appropriate routes for you quickly;
  • The screen displays all possible trips. Choose the most suitable for you - the type of car, the place where you want to sit back and more. Next, the system will give you the total cost of your journey;
  • Go through a simple authorization by entering your e-mail address. It is necessary for us to send you a link to pay for the ticket;
  • Next - go to your e-mail and make a payment. It is necessary to specify the phone number that is associated with a bank card. This number will receive a message with a confirmation code;
  • Payment is made within 15 minutes after filling in all the data. You can do this with the help of Visa and MasterCard;
  • Almost done! Now, go to your mail and print your boarding document or form - your choice. In the first case - just present the document handler, and the second - at least 15 minutes before departure to exchange the document ticket to the station ticket office.

Done! To make this simple procedure you can when buying any tickets for the train, going in all directions – around the country and foreign places. We wish you a successful trip and good mood!